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NEW!! Back in September we did a recording workshop at Sweetwater Studios, the state-of-the-art studio where Nick works and the place where we recorded the drums for Noise Floor. Basically what happened was that we played approximately 30 minutes of music for a class of about a dozen recording enthusiasts. They observed how everything was set up and how a typical album gets recorded. The songs were recorded live in the studio and then mixed later. Artwork was created, copies were made, and you can purchase one here!

The songs on this CD are On A Perfect Day (from "Spock's Beard", our 9th album), Hiding Out (from "Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep"), and Go The Way You Go (from "The Light")

$7.95 + shipping

First Twenty Years - 2CD / 1DVD digipak - $11.99 + shipping The Oblivion Particle - CD Digipak with bonus track - $9.99 + shipping Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep - 2CD Limited edition $9.99 + shipping Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep - Digital version.
This is a "best of" compilation taken from Spock's Beard's first 12 studio albums, plus a 20 minute bonus previously unreleased bonus track written by Neal Morse titled "Waiting For Me" and a bonus DVD featuring interviews and live footage from past shows and rehearsals.





The Limited Edition contains a bonus track included only with this edition, not available through most retail outlets.

To download the Limited Edition version, click here. (various download formats available, including a high res version from a 24 bit / 96k master)

X-Limited Edition - CD
New Low Price! - $9.99 plus shipping.

Gluttons For Punishment - 2CD - $14.99 + shipping V - CD - - $9.99 plus shipping  

Released in 2010, this limited edition contains an exclusive bonus song ("Their Names Escape Me") not included in the regular or special editions sold through most retail outlets.

Live album recorded in 2005, live performances of the songs from the album "Octane" plus selected tracks from previous albums.

Day for Night CD - $9.99 + shipping

Day For Night - 180g vinyl 2LP + CD - SOLD OUT

The Kindness Of Strangers - CD - SOLD OUT - $9.99 / $11.99 plus shipping

Don't Try This at Home
Live CD - $14.99 + shipping
Live CD featuring performances of Day For Night, Mouth Of Madness, Skin, Gibberish, June, The Healing Colors Of Sound - Released 2000.


Two Separate Gorillas - Live In Europe CD - $12.99 + shipping From The Vault - CD - $12.99 + shipping    
Live performances by Nick and Neal doing acoustic versions of Spock's Beard songs and all kinds of other fun songs. 21 tracks total. Released 2000.

Rarities, home demos and unreleased tracks, Released 1998

SBX Tee-Shirt The Oblivion Particle  Tee-Shirt Brief Nocturnes Tee-Shirt SBX Youth Tee-Shirt (Blue)
$11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping
Spock's Beard  Tee-Shirt SB Harley style tee - Vintage Brown
SB Harley style tee - Red
$11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping $11.99 + shipping
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