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Spock's Gear
Alan Morse
Alan Morse
Guitar & Vocals
Fernandez Sustainer, Fender Strat, Gibson Jazz, Danelectro Electric Sitar, GIbson Les Paul, Taylor 6&12-string acoustic, Moog Theremin
Pedal Board
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Digitech RP-20, Digitech XP300 Space Station Pedal, Digitech Whammy Pedal, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Boss Graphic EQ
Other FX
Echoplex, Talk Box, DS-1 Distortion, Mutron, Vintage Univibe Pedal, Leslie Speaker, Big Muff Pi
Marshall 50 Watt half-stack
Dave Meros
Dave Meros
Bass, Bass Pedals,
Keyboards & Vocals
OLP - MM style bass modified with a Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge, Hipshot Xtender, and three Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass pickups: two in the Rickenbacker positions and one in the Fender Jazz Bass bridge position.
DR Hi Beams, Medium Gauge (45 - 105)
Bass Synth
Keith McMillen 12 Step MIDI controller. Windows laptop using Audiostrom LiveProfessor VST shell to run Taurus VST by Antti
M-Audio USB audio interface
Live Rig
Amp: Eden WT-1205 (with two preamp channels and two independent inputs). 

2- Eden 410XLT cabs. 

I split the signal coming out of my bass and run one line into my Digitech RP-21d pedalboard and the other directly into one channel of the WT-1205. 
The output from the Digitech RP-21d goes into the remaining input of the Eden WT-1205.
I EQ the highs and mids out of the direct channel so that it is only low end and blend that with the Digitech channel since the settings I use on the Digitech pedalboard give me a sound lacking in low end.
For recording I just go direct into Cubase (or ProTools or whatever) and use the IK Multimedia plug-in Ampeg SVX. 
Before that plug in was available I used to go through the Digitech pedalboard and into a LIne 6 Bass POD (the POD was to simulate an amp, speaker and mic).
Before that I would actually set up my whole rig and put a mic on it.  It was often very difficult to find an isolated room to do that, so I am very grateful for modern technology. 
Eden Electronics
DR Strings
Hipshot Products
Full Contact Hardware
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Ryo Okumoto
Ryo Okumoto
Keyboards & Vocals
Live Gear
Hammond B3 Organ, Korg CX3, Leslie 145, Mellotron M400, Mini-Moog, Korg Trinity, Yanaha P200, Korg SN2000, Kurzweil K2000 Sampler, Roland M-120 mixer
Hammond B3 Organ, Leslie 145, Mellotron M400, Mini-Moog, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, ARP Soloist, Kurzweil K2000, Korg SN2000,Korg CX3, Korg T2, KORG, Trinity, Korg TR Rack, Korg X5, Yamaha P200, Yamaha MOTIF7,Yamaha RX5, Yamaha QY20, Yamaha QY70, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha CBX-King, Roland D50, Roland S550, Roland MKS20, Roland Sound Canvas, Roland Jupiter 8, E-MU Proteus, E-MU Pro-Formance, Moog Prodigy, Hohner Clavinet, Casio AZ100 Remote Controller, Alesis D4, MAX Talk Box
MacIntosh Powerbook G4 w/Protool, MCI400/24 Channel 16 Buss, YAMAHA AW16G, Technics DAT SV-DAIO, Lexicon LXP5, Lexicon LXP1, CAD Microphone, DBX166, Tascam DAT DA-30, PPS100, Roland M-120 Mixer, Roland SDE-1000, Alesis Midiverb 3, Alesis Microverb, Joe Meek VC3, Event 20/20, KRK KROK Speakers, Maxon Talking Machine
KORG Japan, UK, Europe, YAMAHA Japan
Alan Morse
Ted Leonard
Lead Vocals,
Tom Anderson
Egnator and Line 6
Alan Morse
Jimmy Keegan
Drums & Vocals

Yamaha Drums
Absolute Hybrid Maple shells with Aquarian Drumheads

22x18 Kick (Force 1 batter and resonant no hole)

16x16 Fl. Tom (Clear Response 2 batter/Classic Clear resonant)

14x14 Fl. Tom (Clear Response 2 batter/Classic Clear resonant)

12x8, 10x7 and 8x7 Toms (Clear Response 2 batter/Classic Clear resonant)

14x5.5 Oak Custom Snare or 13 x 6.5 Brass (Texture Coated w/Reverse Power Dot/Classic Clear Snare)


Paiste Cymbals

Cymbals vary a great deal with the session or gig but most of the time:

20" Traditional Medium Ride
20" Giant Beat
16" Signature Precision Thin Crash
18" Dark Energy Crash
10" Signature Splash
8" 2002 Splash
18" Signature China
13" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-hats

I've been known to also use a 20" Twenty Ride or 20" Signature Dry Ride but these are for very specific settings. Live cymbals vary mostly for durability. 

I use a Yamaha DTX 12 Multipad to trigger additional percussion sounds or the rare extra track. This in conjunction with a Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 which also acts as my monitoring device into a MacBook Pro running Mainstage 2 (part of the Logic Studio package). 

Microphones: Audio Technica

Kick: ATM 250DE with a May Systems internal mounting device
Snare: ATM 650
Hi-Hat: ATM 450
Rack Toms: ATM 350
Floor Toms: AE 3000
Overheads: ATM 350

My Vocal Mic is currently a custom made EV/ND 486 with a 767 capsule. We're working on something with AT.

Sticks: Vater
Lately I've been using the Josh Freese H-220's.